Can You Be Your Own Marriage Counselor?

There are many professional marriage counselors around the globe with a professional degree who can help to save your marriage if needed. But all the real and professional counselors will ask you to focus on yourself, to bring control over your emotions and thoughts. The only person who can help you to change yourself is you and nobody else. As human beings, none of us are perfect, there are flaws within every one of us as we are not perfect. Since we all have the most unnoticeable flaws among ourselves it is wise to accept the way we simply are. Judgments can bring about massive changes within you and can make you utterly repulsive towards the normal people. The strangest thing is, the closer we get to someone, the more we start picking on each other’s disability and faults. We pick at the smallest faults which can be easily ignored, instead due to the deeper intimacy level, we attach more expectations with the beloved person and end up getting more heart broken. The first thing you have to do is getting rid of the blame game.

Meister counseling twitter page laughs about this thought. But says that if you are capable. You just might be able to.

Instead of blaming each other continuously, we can simply start seeing the good sides of each other while ignoring the bad ones. A human being is comprised of goodness as well as badness for which try to become better, so that the positive karma comes back bringing you something better in the future. Never start fighting with each other during the heated moments. Just sit down and think it through while maintaining a relaxed mindfulness, and find out the exact right things to say beforehand which will make your partner more susceptible to change, especially becoming more like you. Understanding each other is also a technique to save a marriage. Therefore it is better if one partner cannot make it, then the product will always be there.

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